I went to climbing with my little brother this Saturday.  I overcame my acrophobia, taught my little brother endurance, and learned that a game plan is essential to reach an extraordinary goal.


Yes, I had acrophobia, but it was also my idea to go to climbing yesterday — I wanted to take my little brother out to try something new.  Hence, without giving my long-time hurdle much thought, we arrived at Cliffhanger Vancouver.


Endurance is the key.  It’s not easy to reach the top, especially to me because I have acrophobia.  However, my little brother was watching — I wanted to show him the importance of overcoming one’s fear.  I also wanted to let him know that once you set a goal for yourself, you will reach it no matter what.


Perseverance keeps you going.  It was easy to climb the entry level wall once I overcame my acrophobia.  Hence, our coach led us to the intermedia wall.


You will fall, but you won’t crush.

Climbing not only helped me overcome my long-time challenge, but also taught my little brother about endurance and perseverance.


About Daniel Chu
“Success is to drive and continually shape the excellence in you and around you” – Daniel Chu Born in January 1st 1983 in Taipei Taiwan, Daniel Che Yi Chu moved to Ontario Canada by himself at the age of 14, seeking for better education. In 2007, Daniel obtained his Honor Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the University of Toronto, St. George campus. Currently an IT Project Manager at TELUS, Daniel is leading teams with up to 15 members and managing budgets between $100K-$800K, facilitating a $900M deal with the Quebec government ( Since graduation, Daniel joined TELUS’s Leadership Development Program (, which gave him an opportunity to explore different professional roles, such as a Business Analyst, Developer, IT Project Manager, Human Resources Project Manager, and Strategic Advisor. Continued to grow, Daniel joined Toastmasters in 2008, and obtained both the Competent Leader and Competent Communicator designation in 2009. Also in 2009, Daniel was nominated and elected President of his Toastmasters Club ( Daniel is a committed Christian who is also a committed volunteer at Big Brothers and the Crisis Center. He helps the Crisis Center deliver suicide prevention workshops at Vancouver’s high schools. Daniel enjoys various activities, such as swimming, playing basketball, and bowling. He also enjoys reading and writing.

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