Entrepreneur, Software Product Manager & Inspirational Leader

“Success is to drive and continually shape the excellence in you and around you,” says Daniel Chu. He is passionate about technology and his career activities have innovated new products, streamlined numerous projects, and reduced costly errors.  “Such success,” according to Daniel, “is due to building relationships and recognizing the need to continuously receive and implement feedback from vested partners.”

Daniel embraced the pioneering spirit of his grandfather, who founded Taiwan’s first department store and rubber business.  When Daniel was 14 years old, he convinced his parents to send him to boarding school in Canada.  Overcoming the initial language barrier, limited contact with family, and the resultant isolation, he persevered and worked diligently to achieve entrance into the University of Toronto.

Fascinated by Japan’s harmonious mix of advanced technology and traditional culture, Daniel chose an internship in Japan rather than in North America.  He enjoyed the challenge of learning a new language and the culture of continuous improvement. He returned a year later with fluency in conversational Japanese and a heightened grasp of Kaizen.  “You wouldn’t be able to see a sideway arrow on any Japanese performance dashboard – you either improved from last cycle or you did not,”  says Daniel, “Since then, I’ve incorporated this principle in both my life and work.”

After graduation, Daniel joined TELUS Communications in the Business Transformation Leadership Development Program in 2007, and led initiatives within multiple departments. Daniel guided teams with up to 25 members, managed budgets up to $800K, and facilitated a $900M deal with the Quebec government. In addition, he drove the development and implementation of a new HR call center infrastructure, leading workshops with senior managers to show strategic advantages, implications, and improved ROI.

Also, Daniel enhanced the work environment. Under Daniel’s direction, TELUS Communications increased employee satisfaction by 8% through the implementation of a new expanded program, allowing peer-to-peer recognition and awards. Daniel states, “I now see more smiles in the office.”

In addition to his success at TELUS Communications, Daniel is an inspirational leader. He is a suicide prevention program volunteer, equipping high school students with the techniques to help their friends and themselves in stressful and crisis situations. Daniel also volunteers with Big Brothers, empowering a fatherless boy by sharing hope and compassion with him. In the words of Daniel, “Dreams are beautiful, I enjoy the journey to my dream, and I want to inspire others to see the beauty in their journey.”

Daniel is currently the President and CEO of SilkStart Technology Inc, a Vancouver based technology startup.

Daniel holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the University of Toronto.  He obtained both the Competent Leader and Competent Communicator designations and is currently president of Toastmasters International in Vancouver, BC.

Daniel enjoys traveling and experiencing new cities; he has been to 9 countries and over 30 cities around the world.  He speaks 4 different languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

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  2. Mark says:

    Hey Daniel:

    You may want to come out to tonight’s Impact Hookup event on the North Shore…

    You can thank me later!


    Mark Huber

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